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[IP] Re: Unexplained Low

Did your husband complain at all of stomach ache or have any problems
with anything he ate prior to going to bed?
The reason I ask is that I once went out to eat with my family at a
restaurant and checked my bg at the table and took an injection of
Humalog (this was back before I was on the pump) to cover the meal.
After dinner, we went to the store and I started feeling "funky" so I
asked my wife to drive us home immediately.
I checked my bg and it was 55.  I immediately treated it with some
cookies and milk, also some juice.  I was talking to a friend on the
phone long distance a bit later, when I handed the phone to my wife and
stumbled down the hall to our room.
I woke up later with a 300lb EMT on my chest and an IV in my arm with
D50 (pure sugar) in my veins.  My bg had dropped to 15!!!
The ER doc couldn't understand it either, he said I treated the low
accordingly, but my stomach still didn't feel right from dinner.  I
tossed it shortly there after while in the ER and hadn't had that
problem since.  (Also haven't been back to that restaurant)
I'm not sure what caused it, but I'm convinced that my stomach being
upset was not allowing the food to go anywhere and that's what caused my
Humalog to crash my bg.
Not sure if that's what happened to him or not, fortunately he didn't
have to go to the ER or anything.
Keep pumpin' !
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