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[IP] More on Hospital stay

Hi All


Even though I must stay that overall this hospital stay was ok there
were a couple of things that I will be writing to the hospital to see if
they can improve on.


I already mentioned the trouble of refusing NPH.


I have mild skin reactions to Novolin product like R and NPH and have
always used Humalin R and NPH without problems. Novolog I can use
without a problem. It's the preservative that is used in the insulin.
Humalog and Novolog must use something different. Well the hospital I
was in only uses Novolin unless the doctor directly asks for Humalin
(which he did)...But every shift change I personally had to make sure
they knew which insulin to use. 


My doctor also wanted my sugar checked every 4 hours around the clock to
keep up with coverage. This again fell to me to remind them to check my
blood sugar. And they wonder why patients don't sleep in the hospital.


I did get a $50 phone card from the hospital because they injected me
with Novolin NPH before I could catch them. 


You know you are in the hospital too long when you start orientating
your new roommate to which are the TV, light controls and how to make a
phone call out of the hospital.


GLAD to be home checking my own BS, making my own adjustments, picking
what and when I want to eat. I still get hooked up to a IV pole for two
times a day for 4 hours to get two antibiotics but I will hopefully get
rid of one at the end of next week and the other two weeks after that.
Now to keep my cat from stealing the gloves out of the box.


THANK you to all that sent the kind words of encouragement and well
wishing!! :)


Gail Donohue

Only have 1000 more emails and I will be caught up!!!
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