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Re: [IP] insurance

On Tuesday, November 4, 2003, at 01:20  AM, email @ redacted wrote:
> (how much did that cost?). And what if they
> actually ask me?
Well, if some one was rude enough to ask me the exact dollar figure, I 
would probably change the subject by commenting upon the lovely holiday 
decorations in the banks lobby.  Any one with an ounce of sense would 
get the message ;-)  If however there is persistence, I would contact 
human resources immediately and let them deal with it.  The fact of the 
matter is that the pump is covered by your insurance, period.  If your 
employer did not want to offer this benefit, they would have excluded it 
when they negotiated the policy.
> Also, I was planning on quitting my job in about 6 months,
> and am concerned about obtaining other insurance (I don't plan to go 
> back to
> work, unless I have to due to insurance).
At your exit interview, you will get all the info you need to sign up 
for COBRA coverage.  This would allow you to maintain coverage and avoid 
any  waiting period should youre enter the work force for insurance.
Good luck,

Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr.
IDDM since '85, MM507 since '98
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