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Re: [IP] Re: being a kid with diabetes

 I can remember when my Mother tested her urine and mine back in  the days
of 1958 using the Clinitest tabs and the dreaded boiling hot test tube.  You
re right about looking out the back window to see how your control was.  As
we all know when you test urine you're getting results of how things were
going from hours before but, it was better than no knowledge at all.

I know that when I was dx'd with D in 1974 all I could do then was test my
urine or go to the lab and have them draw blood for a STAT blood glucose
reading which sometimes took hours before you would ever get your results.
Then your Dr. would either raise the R insulin or decrease it, according to
what the bg was.

When I got my first BG Meter I thought I had died and gone to heaven...
Imagine, being able to actually test your own blood right in your home and
get your bg within a MINUTE...  And BIG wasn't the problem with the meters
back then.  It was HEAVEN to be able to know what to do with your own BG and
bring your sugars into tighter control.

I'm rambling now.  Sorry, I'll shut up for now but, it's wonderful that we
have the capabilities we have today for controlling our BG's.

Don Yates

dx'd '74, started pumping '93 & goin' strong

Useless might be a little harsh....of course, it cant touch what we have
but, a bunch of us, are breathin', walkin' and talkin'..... id have to
think, a few of us, might have benefited from the results.....

BTW, When I did it, (1956) (and, yes, im sure it was 1956), it was 5 drops
of urine, and 10 drops of water.. (im sure about that too) AND that test
tube got real HOT

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