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Re: [IP] Re: being a kid with diabetes

In a message dated 11/04/2003 11:14:07 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
>It was really useless!!

Useless might be a little harsh....of course, it cant touch what we have 
but, a bunch of us, are breathin', walkin' and talkin'..... id have to 
think, a few of us, might have benefited from the results.....

BTW, When I did it, (1956) (and, yes, im sure it was 1956), it was 5 drops 
of urine, and 10 drops of water.. (im sure about that too) AND that test 
tube got real HOT

REPLY TO:  email @ redacted 
I was doing the clinitest as early as 1948 and my mother had a small card 
 similar to a record keeping book of today. It was negative to 4+. That was blue
to orange, and it would go to black after orange. DR Joslin would ask about 
testing results, and as Jan said after 3 mornings with 4+ would increase by 1 
 unit. I will admit if you only used 4 drops of urine you would lighten the
of the test. I guess I saw the people who were on the cutting edge at that 

With all that advantage in being so close to Joslin I still feel Gene's are 
the reason I am still on my hockey skates after 56 years this Dec 1. Congrads 
to Jan I think tomorrow is 53 years with this awful Diabetes.    Roger C
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