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Re: [IP] Re: being a kid with diabetes

 >>Not sure about you Len, but I wouldn't go 'Back to the Good old days'

"Good Old Days" ???
"Good Old Days" ???
Did i say "Good Old Days" ???
I dont remember saying "Good Old Days"
I'll have to read my post again, to see if i said "Good Old Days"
Nope......... i didnt say "Good Old Days"
i never said "Good Old Days"
Did anyone else hear me say that ???
i dont think i said that ;-)

(for those unaware, a "saturday night live" bit)

I was only sort of saying, that, though we could not adjust much, i simply 
dont think id call it "Useless"
(which i saw you say, and im sure you did say it, cause i saw it, and thats 
what you said ;-)

 >>still suprised that I managed to live this long in spite of myself!!
Not being a religious person myself, can i say a few AMENS to THAT ??

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