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[IP] Re: being a kid with diabetes

TRENDS?  ha ha

that was all we had (and i am a lot younger with D than many who have
responded, but, 1969 was still back in the dark ages of D care!!)
and being all we had, we used it.......i recall that if i was 4+ (orange)for
something like 3 days we raised the evening shot by a unit, and if you had
lows 3 days in a row at hte same time, you adjusted the snacks (note: I did
not say reduced insuin!!)

ah, things have come a long way
(who is still hopeful for non invasive BG testing, and very, very thanksful
that I have done so well, with the lack of knowledge int he 60s, as well as
the lack of 'compliance' of this particular pre-teen/teen/young adult
through the years)
----- Original Message ----- > We *voided* and went again a half hour later
> that was what we tested. It still wasn't accurate due to individuals'
> thresholds
> What was the reasoning behind testing the urine if you couldn't really do
>  anything about it? Were you supposed to look for trends and tell the
doctor at
> your appointment?  That must have been extremely frustrating!
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