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RE: [IP] Warning/Reminder: Read those Insulin Labels!!

From: Michael Kurtis (email @ redacted)

I pick up my Humalog vials (for pump)and pen (fall back in lieu of syringes
in case the pump fails) from my Pharmacy, Diabetic and Prescription Center.
I have had one similar experience picking up my insulin. I was given all 6
vials of 70/30 in their original boxes taped together with the pharmacy
label covering the box description. The label correctly showed my
prescription for Humalog. When I got home I opened up the first box and
went back to find they had 3 regualr Humalog, and ordered the remainder for
me to pick up during the week.

Original Message:
From: David Hooie email @ redacted
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 07:13:00 -0500
To: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Warning/Reminder: Read those Insulin Labels!!

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Hello all!
Just a quick reminder to some and maybe a warning to others who haven't
had this happen yet.  
On October 30, in the evening I was changing my infusion set and
refilling my pump.  I asked my wife to get my new vial of insulin from
the refrigerator (it was the last of a pack of 5 I had bought) and I
filled my pump up.  
The next day (I was off) I spent all day fighting high bg readings.  No
matter what I bolused, my readings kept going up and up.  Finally, after
changing my site once already, I decided it was time to start from
scratch and refill the pump and put in a new infusion set (this would be
the  >third).  I had already determined that the pump was pumping
insulin, we (minimed customer support and myself) just couldn't figure
out why my readings weren't going down.  As I pulled the vial out of the
fridge for the "do-over" refilling I noticed the insulin was cloudy and
I seemed to remember that Novolog (and Humalog) are CLEAR insulin (NOT
CLOUDY).  I called the Pharmacist at the Wal-mart where I get my insulin
and while I was on hold I noticed that they had mistakenly given me a
vial of 70/30 Novolog in my batch.  Needless to say they felt horrible
and I got a replacement vial and my money back from them immediately.  I
called my endo and he told me that 70/30 is basically 30% novolog and
70% NPH which meant all the bolusing I had done that day would kick in
later on.  (Thankfully it was Halloween and I was taking my son
trick-or-treating anyway).   
When we got home from trick-or-treating my sugar crashed to 30 but I was
surprisingly lucid (sometimes I'm not) and I ate and treated the low and
was fine.  The moral of the story:  CHECK YOUR INSULIN!!  Sounds like a
simple thing, but it caught me and I've been doing this a long time!  It
occurred to me that if someone was supposed to get 70/30 and they got my
Novolog by mistake the consequences would have been MUCH worse.  
Keep pumpin!
David Hooie
email @ redacted
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