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[IP] Unexplained Low

 I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice or reasoning for my dh Dave's
lows Monday morning. He had a flu shot on Friday, but nothing other then that
out of the ordinary.
3:15 am     71    suspended pump  (got ready for shower, started feeling bad)
4:04 am     46    36g carbs (juice)
4:23 am     82    (still feeling tired)
5:00 am     88    
5:29 am     36    20g carbs
5:38 am     31    16g carbs (4 glucose tabs)
5:44 am     43    12g carbs (3 glucose tabs)
6:15 am     41    36g carbs (juice)
6:30 am     90
6:50 am     135   reconnected pump
 He then layed down for a nap. When he woke up 1 1/2 hrs later he was at 77
again. He treated it, and was within range most of the day. My first question is
this; Should I have called the ambulance? I wanted to take him to the hospital
because we just couldn't get / keep him "up". Of course he flat refused, and was
rather hard to deal with. He is afraid of them giving him glucagon shot and
throwing him "through the roof". I said it would prob. be a glucose drip. (who's
right? lol ) and stop it before he was that high.
 Second question; Could the flu shot have caused this? If not, what might be the
cause? His basal rate is correct, and he usually waked up in the norm 80- 130.
By the way, we do get up at 3:15am. He wasn't just checking it then. Thank you
for any help you have.
Mel, wife of Dave 
(type I, 20 years, pumping 2 yrs, MM 508)

  Mel Sparrow  

email @ redacted


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