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[IP] No problems with Paradigm 512, but strips...

I have been using the Paradigm 512 for about 6 weeks now, and I wanted to
clarify what I think some other 512 users were saying. There seems to be
some confusion about the strips. I believe all of the new 512s are shipped
with a new blood glucose(bg) meter. That meter is called the paradigm link
(in the US, at least) and it uses a radio frequency to send your bg value
and the time of test to your pump. If you configure it to use the bolus
wizard and you turn on the feature that receives the signals from the
meter, the pump will use your bg value (if it is recent enough) to suggest
a customized insulin dose. From what I have read, some people are having
problems with the meter and not with the pump.

The meter uses fancy gold foil-covered strips that require a very small
amount of blood (0.3 ul), even less than the Ultra but I have found, like
a few other people here that I get an unusual number of errors. This could
come from lack of experience but I think it is related to the small sample
size and the physics of viscosity and surface tension - blood on the thick
side just doesn't get sucked up fast enough for the 5 second count. The
meter is also pretty big compared to the ultra.

I have been an Ultra user for as long as it has been around, and I have
decided to keep using it and keep the paradigm link meter in reserve. The
Paradigm 512 has been absolutely perfect, however - I love it. I don't use
the wizard but if I wanted to I could enter my bg directly into the pump
and the pump would function exactly as though I was using the fancy radio
meter. The two are separate systems, however.

Jan J.
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