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Re: [IP]ExtendBar diabetic snack

am i the only one, who finds this add, a little strange....
i dont think ive eaten anything in my life, that lasted 9 hours...

it "Helps" prevents high blood sugar
it "Helps" prevent low blood sugar
it "Helps" Suppress Appetite..
And it tastes delicious

(if it would only "take out the trash", id buy a dozen cases right now)
sounds a bit to magical to me....

Give me a milky-way.....

 >>They don't have an astronomical amount of sugar or carbs, so, they won't
 >> mess up your basal rates at all.

i ware this  little box , it takes care of those "carb things", any and all 
low fat.. im interested... low carb ???. i lived that road for 46 years.

(YES, it was 46 years... 46... no one need believe it, but, it was... 46 
years...you want a note, from my mother ??)

Give me a milky-way.....
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