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Wayne" <email @ redacted> wrote:

<<<Has anyone in the group had experience with weight gain when using
to treat diabetes. I am a type 2 now using the Minimed 512 pump. I stated
insulin 6 months ago and had a terrible time and weight gain with Lantus and
novolog MDI. I really need to loose weight and have cut my food intake
drastically with the pump but have not lost any weight. In fact, as I got my
numbers to where they should be I gained more. I am going on a modified
Atkins program as was wondering if anyone in the group has any experience
with this. I have heard from one person and he has been a great help . I
would love to hear from anyone who has had any success on loosing weight
while on the pump. I could really use some success stories. From what I am
reading , gaining weight as a type 2 while on insulin is a fact of life>>>

While I can't really offer too much help, I can relate to you.  Coming from
a family with a strong inheritance of type 2 and insulin resistance, I am
struggling with weight issues same as many type 2's do.  I'm also doing the
low carb approach (most of the time) and I've seen that diet alone doesn't
do the trick.  Adding exercise to the diet is what helped me get some weight
down.  If there is anything you feel to ask please feel free to do so, (off
list would be better, since I don't have too much time these days to read
all digests, although whenever I have an extra few minutes I would run to
read an IP digest.).

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Jewish Friends With Diabetes
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