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RE: [IP] Hip bursitis

My orthopedic surgeon prefers plain old aspirin and says it does just a good
of a job as other medication but you have to have it in your system
constantly....which I don't do...ow....:)


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Subject: [IP] Hip bursitis

Hi All,
Am having a problem I hope someone can give me some advice.  I was diagnosed
by my PCP with hip bursitis.  It is on both sides but MUCH worse on the
right side.  I have been taking Ibuprophen and Alleve (not together) to no
avail.  I want to avoid  sky rocketing BG's with a shot of cortisone as my
last A1c was 6.2 and my endo and I were thrilled.

What can I do?  I walk on the treadmill every morning but not really fast.
Should I rest?  Climbing stairs and getting up from sitting just kills.

Thanks for any advice.

Dawn Emerick
type 1 46 years, MM 508 5/2000
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