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Re: [IP] Re: injecting through the set port?

> <It't not a big deal. We inject regular through the set port every
> 4-5 hours for basal >
>  Can someone please explain how you inject through the port? Since I
>  use both
> silhouettes and quicksets, depending on the site, I would like to
> know how to do it with both types of sets. Thanks in advance. Pam

I'd suggest you practice it with a set you've removed and are about 
to throw away.

With the Sil, you carefully insert a standard insulin syringe through 
the middle of the silastic seal (the white patch about 1/8 inch 
dia.). Don't stick the needle in too deep as it will pierce the 
catheter on the other side which will cause a leak -- guess how we 
found out :-)

With the Qset, the concept is similar except you can put the needle 
through the hole where the introducter needle was removed. Again, 
don't put it in too deep. Experimenting with "dead" sets will let you 
purposely put it in too deep and you can see the results and where 
the needle goes to give you an idea how far to insert it under normal 

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