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Re: [IP] Here is a question for all those Cosmo pump users......

> ok folks, heres a question, My daughter Shelby 11, diagnosed 3
> months has selected the Cosmo pump and it will arrive tommarrow (
> which we greatly 
>  anticipate )and then her dad and I are supposed to start classes (
>  2 of them, 3
> hours
>  ea.) on how to use it. after we do the classes, shes to go into the
>  hospital to
> have it put in. My question is, is this hard to learn? Im not
> exactly a 
>  rocket scientist, Will I get this? I know I dont have a choice, I
>  have to GET
> IT,

The most difficult thing is to get used to counting carbs and 
correctly balancing the require insulin for the carb intake. It's not 
the actual counting or calculating that is difficult it's just that 
it seems like a big task but after a month or two it kind of 
diminishes as you get used to it. After a while, you can almost look 
at a plate of food and get very close to the correct carb count by 
inspection alone.  What you need is a postal or food scale that goes 
up to about a pound or two (a kilo) some measuring cups and a 
tablespoon measure. There are some good carb references on the BOOKS 
page of the website. You need three. One for ingredients like flour, 
sugar, etc... one for fast food and one for common cooked foods 
(that's the usual "exchange" book).  There's a good section in the 
book "Pumping Insulin" on doing all this as well as reference carb 
amounts somewhere in the back of the book. In the second edition, you 
could photo reduce the page onto the front and back of an 8 1/2 x 11 
sheet and keep the entire thing with you  --- very handy.

See: http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/books.shtml

There are a number of member recommend books there and the link to 
amazon for each.

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