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[IP] Re: Lows at Night

WJ (who recently got to see the ER guys)

and  aren't you thankful that you still have them and that they can help you
with this unpredictable-ness of your diabeasties?

I am SO thankful for my 'alert dog' and of course hubby, who has to answer
the alert dog's whining for lows :-)

Those of you who have more predictable D, be thankful for that!!!


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> >Re: [IP] lows at night & being a kid with diabetes
> My mom and Dad *still* wakes me up at night from time to time.  If one of
> them wakes up (for whatever reason) they check on me.  They know that if
> they touch my hand or arm and I don't move or if I'm clammy/sweaty, that
> low.  When that happens (and it does, frequently) they wake me up (if they
> can).
> Weird Jenn
> email @ redacted
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