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[IP] Re:; A back up

 >>> ive been at it for 47 years, i am well past the 30000 plus....
 >>>Are you sure of that calculation? ............

thats the Third  time, you've challenged that number......
(i hope, i have the right to say that. since it is the truth)

YES. IM as Sure as i need to be......

IM not trying to be "included in any club", regardless of "Michael allowing me"

In as nice a way, as i can, Please, challenge some ones elses claims.. 

i care not, what you may calculate,
since you have no idea, what program ive been on, nor, i dont think, really 

I have no reason, to Lie about it.... if a lower number, would make Anyone 
give me that number, and, in the future, i wall claim that one... more 
i can not be..... i dont understand sometimes, why this seems to be such an 
itching point.....

I Personally take your public reply, as a flame..... i call no one a 
lier....nor challenge anyones claims.

is it all that important ???
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