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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #625

>[IP] AD

>I have a good endo, he just believes ( i.e.no research) that
>the small dose of steroids that we take for AD would NOT be a factor of
>BG levels. SInce I've been AD much longer than diabetic..... I don't
>know. Someone who has had the reverse (T1 before AD) might have a
>different perspective.

I have the reverse situation.  DX'ed with Type 1 in 1977, and DX'ed with 
A.D. in 1996.

I've been told hundred of times as well that my bg should not be crazy from 
the steroids becuase I am *replacing* something that I dont have.  I have 
acutally been ableto prove that I am right, since I went a day without the 
'roids (with doc's knowledge and permission) and I bottomed out all day.

(Side note:  my endo has just had me cut my 'roids dosage in HALF and I feel 
like I'm gonna die..... If I manage to get through the week, I'm going back 
to my old dose.)

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