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[IP] Got my Paradigm 512 today

Hi all,
First I want to thank you all for the support and information you've
provided me.  I really appreciate all the input and help.
Today I got my Paradigm 512; it was supposed to be here tomorrow but
arrived a day early.  Yay!  As usual, however, there is something to be
disappointed again with MiniMed.  For years they have made and I have
had the 'charcoal' colored pump.  My Paradigm 511 was charcoal, and the
belt clip was charcoal.  The 512 is 'smoke', a dark translucent color.
Why in the world they would change such a thing, when the accessories,
such as the belt clip and 'lockout clip' are all charcoal?  What they do
is perplexing.
Also, in follow up to the discussion(s) about using different sets with
different pumps, with the MiniMed Paradigm series they started a
proprietary connection system, not the standard 'Luer Lock' that most of
the pumps use.  So if you switch to the Paradigm, you will be limited to
using the sets provided by MiniMed.  I believe they have about 3 types
of infusion sets, which are probably the most popular, but if there's
one that you really like and you can't get it in a Paradigm type, you
may want to consider a different pump.
Take good care all!
Antonio in Los Angeles
Age 37, Type 1 for 10 years
Got my Paradigm 512 upgrade today!
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