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Re: [IP] lows at night & being a kid with diabetes


As an adult I was much more protective of my own two children.

 However I should know by my own experiences what even a 9 year old is capable
of; they can do a lot more than we generally give them credit for. Yet I did not
mean to give the impression that I was totally responsible for my diabetes care.

 Mom was always there to supervise and to make sure I was doing the right thing;
she made sure I kept complete records (so it's her fault I became an accountant!
LOL!) and she made took me for my regular appointments or called the doctor if
there appeared to be a problem. She did not do things for me because she was
preparing me for a lifetime of dealing with this disease. When I was in the
hospital for those 6 weeks, it was the same thing. I did my own testing and
recording and gave my own injections under the supervision of the nurses and
doctors. Mom also had to learn and who is to say that she did or did not look in
on me during the night to see if I appeared to be in a normal sleep.

 In 1957 there was no home glucose testing. Testing meant catching some urine,
putting however many drops (I don't remember) of both urine and water into a
tube, then dropping in a Clinitest tablet, waiting for it to boil and change
colors, then comparing the color to a chart. I did not ever test during the
night and it was never a problem. They did not test me during the night in the
hospital either.

We've come a long way since then!


 In a message dated 11/2/2003 5:32:11 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

 This seems to me to be an awful lot of responsibility for a 9 yr old. Why on
earth would someone make a child wholly responsible for their own care with a
disease that at the time was so life threatening.
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