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RE: [IP] ketones

Hi Sara,

Thanks for your reply.  I just spoke with my doctor again about the
ketones and he said that if I am sick, he wants me to call him and try
to figure it out or if I'm vomiting, then just go to the ER and let them
do lab work to find out if there are ketones.  I like his approach to
dealing with things.

I thought I said this in my original post, but I am color vision
deficient and cannot read the urine ketone test strips.

Take good care,

Antonio in Los Angeles
Age 37, Type 1 for 10 years
Got my MiniMed 512 upgrade today!

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I would personally not waste the energy with the meter that measures
 ketones. You do NOT have to measure your ketones every time you test
your blood
- seems like over kill, since the whole point of pumping and frequent
 testing is to keep the blood sugars in a relatively NORMAL range.
Instead, buy
a bottle of those foil wrapped keto-stix - they last AGES and when you
have a 
consistent run of high numbers, you can check for ketones.  

You are not gonna drop dead if you pass a few ketones...hell, them
diet people even have a brand of food called "Keto-something"...I saw
them at 
the grocery store!!  very high protein based food - the goal of which is
 INCREASE ketone production (ketones are basically a by-product of
burning fat
muscle - an inefficient way to create energy for the body when it does
not get 
enough glucose to operate properly).  My dad, back in the late 70s was
on one 
of those liquid protein diets and he used to borrow my ketodiastix to
see how 
he was doing on his diet! (god knows I wasn't using them...even then I
they were USELESS at measuring my BLOOD sugar). 

what I want is a meter that is ACCURATE 100% of the time, and I want the

standard acceptable deviation to be under 5% - i know, I know...dream on

 grasshopper...they are gonna throw more money at inhalable insulins and
transmissions of inaccurate bloodsugars before they start working on
REALLY important...

Sara Smarty Pants
(didja miss me?)
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