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RE: [IP] BD Meter

Hi Wayne,

 We have stopped using the BD meter and now use the Flash just for the same
reasons that you stated. There is a flaw in the BD test strips. I had an
engineer take the strips apart and figure out the problem. I'm really
disappointed in them. I can't say how much money we have lost as a result of
these stupid strips.


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I am on my 3 rd BD logic meter that transmits the BG levels to the 512 pump.
The first 2 ate through batteries in one week. I was told this is fixed now. I
read on this group where some were having problems with Error messages. I have
received 10 in a row with this meter. I just bought a flash. I wish Minimed
would have partnered with Therasense for the Flash. Much better meter with
great features. Makes sense to me Small pump working with small meter...who
could ask for anything better.

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