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[IP] Re: Meter to pump communications

the cozmo (called the cozMore) is , as I understand it, is just this:
It is the guts, of the flash.... without the readout, and maybe the memory
The 2 IR's on the back of the pump, mate with to IR's on the back of the 
meter.... .....
There is no Physical electronic connection, nor any Exposed contacts.
It uses the freestyle strips...

The tester,contains it OWN power source.
i cant imagine, some "dirt" creating a "false reading".....

Infer Red light, seems like a pretty safe method....
when i push 3, on my IR remote control, my tv usually ends up on channel 3, 
and thats across the room

NOR, can i imagine, my cell phone causing a false reading, via "Radio wave" 
communication  either... i personally feel it will be quite safe

 >> fibrosis from occurring around the sensor ???
 >> rapamycin absorbed onto a sitered metallic material  ??

can someone please explain what this is about ???

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