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[IP] re-triggering, bad Dr.? -- and gusher (LOL)

So I called my surgeon this morning, as the hand therapist had 
suggested Friday, about my finger re-triggering 6 weeks after the 
release surgery.  After forcefully getting myself through the "he can 
see you in December" (I mentioned that the only people I had ever heard 
of re-triggering that soon had been told that the original surgery was 
not adequate, and perhaps I should be seeing another surgeon), I 
finally got to speak to the surgeon.  I explained the finger had begun 
re-triggering last week, that the therapist had confirmed it and showed 
me just where the catch was.  He said that doesn't happen after these 
operations.  That I should just be continuing to try to get a closed 
fist (which is what makes it trigger, and which was making it very 
painful and inflamed again, as I had already told him).  I am seeing 
him tomorrow morning (aren't *I* forceful, these days <gr.>) -- but, 
no, I am not a great fan at the moment <gr.>.

Anger leads to high blood pressure leads to gusher?  LOL  I had changed 
my site this morning, and removed the old site from my abdomen sometime 
before this chat with the surgeon, and I hadn't seen any bleeding when 
I took it out.  I was still wearing the thick terry-cloth bathrobe I'd 
put on after my shower this morning.  As I talked, I noticed some large 
drops of a red liquid on the kitchen floor, not really focusing on just 
what they were.  It wasn't till afterwards that I noticed the 
by-that-time-stopped streams of blood flowing down my legs and covering 
much of the inside of my bathrobe.

Linda Z
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