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[IP] travel with a spare pump

Someone asked what if you were overseas and damaged your pump and inferred 
wouldn't it be a good thing to have a back up pump...

well, I don't know about OTHER people, but when I travel overseas, the LAST 
 thing I want to have to worry about is getting my "spare" pump stolen. I guess
if you stay in swanky hotels with safes that is one thing, but I tend to save 
my money for more fun things when I am abroad, so it all goes in a 
 backpack...and I stay in youth hostels where there is no telling what kind of
 will be sharing a room with you. It is bad enough having to worry if someone is
gonna still your dang $150 hiking boots witout having to worry about a PUMP!

In the VERY unlikely event that something would go wrong with my pump, I am 
 not going to freak out...for one thing, they use pumps in other countries....we
have pumpers from other countries on this list.  Minimed even had an office 
in Paris at one time (i am not sure) AND fed ex DOES go to other 
 countries...sure it "might" cost a little bit to get a replacement, but the
chances are
 SOOOO slim of anything happening to the pump in the first place, I would rather
NOT chance getting a spare lost or stolen.  

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