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Re: [IP] Other pump experiences?

On Sun, 2 Nov 2003 email @ redacted wrote:

> Then what would you do if it is say 9:00 PM on a New Year's eve night, which
> we will also say is Friday, and your pump stops; you can't get it started
 > again no matter what. So Saturday is New Year's Day, then the pump
> can't ship you a new one until at least Monday, if even then.  So you have to
 > do without a pump from Friday night until at least Tuesday and my guess is
> you would have to go longer.
> Another assumption. You go out of the country on vacation; you drop the pump
> (it CAN happen) and it is damaged beyond repair.  You are thousands of miles
> away from home and your doctor with no backup.  What would you do?

It't not a big deal. We inject regular through the set port every 4-5
hours for basal and Humalog/Novlog for snacks, meals, HBS adjustments.
Nothing really changes about timing, or the nature of diabetes management.
We've done it for three days in a row with no change in bg management or
any great hassles on "one of those long weekends" you mentioned.

It was inconvenient, but not a big deal.


> You bet I think it's a big deal having a backup pump; it's not just
> nice; it IS necessary.
> Sybil
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