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[IP] Re: Backup Shots for Pump failure

 Actually, it's not as straightforward as it sounds. I too always assumed that
after 10 years of pumping, I'd just do frequent shots of short-acting insulin
and didn't want to introduce other insulins into my body. That's why when I was
almost 4 days without a pump in Hawaii this summer, I didn't even call my
doctor, and just did shots of Regular every 4 hours plus Humalog for meals.
However, it didn't work well for me. My blood sugar was almost always above 200,
plus the shots hurt and I was getting bruises everywhere from them. I think the
short-acting insulins just aren't active in my body for very long, and I'd have
to take shots about every 2 hours to have decent control. So after that
experience, when I got home I immediately contacted my doctor for prescriptions
and a plan for long-acting insulins if I should ever have a problem again.
Hopefully, I'll never need to try that plan, but if I did, I'd definitely try it
vs. the shots of short-acting all day again. Also, my !
 new CDE
  who has been on a pump herself for years, supports this recommendation. When
she spends a day at the beach, she prefers to remove her pump and go on NPH. She
has no problem reintroducing it into her system. So my point is, you don't know
how something will actually work until you try it - whether it be taking shots
of Humalog all day or trying a long-acting. YMMV. Pam

<You are certainly doing exactly what I would do! I sure don't want to
re-introduce any kind of long-acting insulin back into my body after 
20 years without one. Those things overlap and linger and all sorts of 
that can wreak havoc with a bod, then go back to short-acting a day or 
later. Keep the thought you have, girl!>
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