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RE [IP] A back up

 > There was life before pumps and there can be life without,  at least for 
a fewdays.

there was life without cars too.... anyone walkin' 3 miles to work ????

 >>...about the NPH ......I don't want that "poison" around me
thats SO funny.... though it kept me alive for so many years, i feel Nearly 
that way about Lente....
ok, maybe not Poison, but, (words ill not use on this site)

 >> i pity diabetics who get put on pumps soon after diagnosis and who do
 >>NOT learn how to deal with injections.

this is certainly another one of those YMMV issues.
ive been at it for 47 years, i am well past the 30000 plus...., and i think 
ive become terrified of needles....
(you should see me shake, during an a1c.... its a howl....)

But more, im not sure how to make it work. do i take my basal, which is 1.2 
(+/-) unit per hour, every hour.

i personally chose the dtron, because of the backup... I'd Not tell anyone, 
"thats what You should have done".... I feel extremely secure, having the 
backup, though ive not yet needed to use it. Im sure there are 
alternatives, and ways to make it work... Im just glad, its one of the many 
many issues, this delightful disease brings to us, that ill not have to 
deal with.....
(IMO, i deal with enough... One less worry, IS SIMPLY, one less worry)

PS. ive heard it mentioned..........im not as sure, ive heard all that much 

YMMV (and should)

Id assume, that those pumping longer then 4 years, keep there old pump, and 
have it as a backup.....
(that might make for an interesting subject) 
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