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Re: [IP] back up pump

>personally I don't even bother to keep lantus or NPH or lente around...if I
>am not going to be on my pump, I will want to test my blood sugar every 3 or 4
>hours anyway, and rather than really Screw myself up with a long acting
>insulin, I will just take novalog as needed - sleep is over-rated.

I have to disagree here!   Not being as young as Sara, personally I 
feel that sleep is under-rated!   ;>o   And I feel much stronger 
about the NPH than she does.  I don't want that "poison" around me 
again!    Maybe this is an attitude developed with age, maybe I was 
just hurt too much by that insulin.   JMO

George      :>)
(good post SSP)
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