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[IP] back up pump

Juan wrote:
> There waslife before pumps and there can be life without, 
> at least for a fewdays.

I so agree with you...I am soo sick of hearing people whine about how MNMD 
"ought" to supply back ups....i have been pumping with MNMD for more than 10 
years and have been pumpless exactly 2 days in that entire time....having been 
diabetic for almost 30 years, I knew how to take care of myself for those 2 
 days...i pity diabetics who get put on pumps soon after diagnosis and who do
learn how to deal with injections.

personally I don't even bother to keep lantus or NPH or lente around...if I 
am not going to be on my pump, I will want to test my blood sugar every 3 or 4 
hours anyway, and rather than really Screw myself up with a long acting 
insulin, I will just take novalog as needed - sleep is over-rated.  

Sara Smarty Pants AZ
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