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RE: [IP] Re: backup plan for pump failure= which insulin to use?

Hi Kathie,

When I had the pump problem, I thought I could get by with taking
Humalog every 4 hours, but my blood sugars kept skyrocketing and were
uncontrollable.  Since I know that long acting insulins such as Lantus
can at least help with this, I discussed it with my doctor before the
next time I needed it and we set up the plan to use Lantus injection
equivalent to the total number of units I'm receiving as basal, then the
Humalog injections to cover highs and carbohydrates.  Lantus is out of
my system in about 22 hours, which is one of the reasons it does not
work ideally for me, so I don't have to worry about anything lingering
when I go back on the pump.  Even if there was something lingering, say
from Ultralente, I'm smart enough to check my blood sugars and modify
the basal for a day to accommodate this.

Antonio in Los Angeles
Age 37, Type 1 for 10 years
On MiniMed Paradigm 511, upgrading soon to the 512

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> At that time I only had regular insulin with me, so I was taking shots
> every 4 hours around the clock. Since then, I have a prescription for
> and
> ultralente and instructions for dosing, just in case

I have never had to go on shots due to pump falure.  I was wondering
insulin combination do most people use.  I always have humalog on hand
for my 
pump and I thought that I could give shots of humalog every four hours
as my 
 basals and additional shots of humalog for meals. I would hope to get a
in two days

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