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[IP] Here is a question for all those Cosmo pump users..........

While I admit to being a bit of a computer nerd, I'm no rocket scientist! I
must jump in here and assure that you'll LOVE the Cozmo!  Katie's had hers
for almost a week and we think it is so much fun!  The menus are easy to
read and navigate.  Also, cudos to your endo for having the courage to let
Shelby go on the pump so soon.  Our CDE (no, she's not the doctor but she is
the drill sergeant you must pass to get to him) still has the mindset that
"you must have diabetes for at least a year before pumping."  At least we
got her to put kids on the pump.  It used to be "you must be at least 18
years old..." and we helped her over that. Sigh.  Some old logic is very
hard for me to understand.  


Alaska Debbie

Mom to Katie, 12, dx'd 9/97

Pumping since 8/99; w/Cozmo since 10/03

Subject: [IP] Here is a question for all those Cosmo pump users..........
ok folks, heres a question, My daughter Shelby 11, diagnosed 3 months has 
selected the Cosmo pump and it will arrive tommarrow ( which we greatly 
 anticipate )and then her dad and I are supposed to start classes ( 2 of
them, 3
 ea.) on how to use it. after we do the classes, shes to go into the
hospital to
have it put in. My question is, is this hard to learn? Im not exactly a 
 rocket scientist, Will I get this? I know I dont have a choice, I have to
but still it would be encouraging to know that it wont be terribly hard to 
 learn. PLease be honest here, Thank you. any tips or hints? Learning this
was hard enough. Im still getting the hang of it, the only reason our endo. 
 is giving her a pump so soon is she swings wildly from hi to lo, were on
and novolg pen. Hes never put a pump in anyone less than 6 mo. diagnosed. 
Shell be the 1st. He says it puberty hormones....yuk!
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