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[IP] Re: alternate sites

 I too have had to stop using my lower abs and was worried about trying other
sites due to no or minimal fat. Finally, I came up with something that works for
me. I use the silhouettes under my ribs even though I don't have any fat there,
but can pinch up about half an inch of skin. Then I use the .6 mm micro
Quicksets on my sides (my waist, where again there is no fat, as well as my
hips, i.e., love handles, where there is a little fat, and also the top of my
butt). The reason I use the Quicksets in those places rather than the sils is
because they're the only set that stays in place when I sleep on my sides. I've
found that the Quicksets work on my waist, even though there is no more fat
there than on my upper abs. So they'd probably work under my ribs too, but I'm
afraid to try so I use the sils there. I don't use my thighs at all because of
erratic absorption. Get some samples of the other kinds of sets and give it a
try. It takes less fat than you'd think. I also found t!
 hat when
  I use the serter with the Quicksets, they never get kinked. When I was putting
them in manually, they'd occasionally get bent. My CDE confirmed that with the
Quicksets, the serter works better, but that it does not with the sils. Pam


<.very frustrating to only have to use lower abs as they are 
totally wrecked.

Can't use anywhere else...no fat...what do others do???>
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