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Re: [IP] Long hospital stay

You go girl!!!!!!  Yes, we do have the right to refuse treatment,
particularly if we feel it is not in our best interests.

During my last hospital I was told that I would get my blood sugar tested
three times a day and would correction doses of regular insulin.

I looked around the room and asked, "Are you talking to me?"  I explained I
would do my own blood sugars and would bolus as needed and may test a lot
more than they would.

For fun, I gave them my first blood sugar (I always shared this information)
and asked what they would give me as a correction dose.  It was not even
half of what I take!  (I'm insulin resistant and take over 250 - 300 units
of insulin a day)  After  that first lesson, they pretty much left me alone
to take care of my own diabetes while they worked on why I was fainting all
the time (Orthostatic Hypotension).

I'm finding the older I get, the less I tolerate hospitals!


Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in
finishing an activity but in doing it.

Author Greg Anderson
>  You have every right to refuse any medication you deem questionable! I
> refuse to have an IV - I let them insert the site, but will not allow them
> hang a saline bag or to give me a bolus of ANYTHING! I don't care if it is
> hospital procedure or not (the last thing I need is more fluid -
especially in a
> dialysis patient).
>  The last time I was in the hospital (from SKA 3 years ago) after waking
up, I
> refused the 10 units of R the endo wanted to give me. I know my body
better than
> anyone, and 10 units of anything would have sent me crashing faster than I
> have been able to know! Anyway, I refused and there was nothing they could
> about it.
> Gina
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