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[IP] New Animas IR 1200 pump

Hello all...well in my quest to find a new insulin
pump (mine nearing warranty) I attended the ADA
Diabetes Expo in Pitsburgh yesterday.  Animas just
(october 31) received FDA approval for their newest
pump.  Its smaller overall, large screen, larger
print, carb calculator, delivers insulin in increments
as low as 0.025 units each 3 minutes and more.  I have
the brochure on it.  Comes in 3 colors and will be
available July 2004.  

Animas pump purchased between now and Dec 31 will be
given a FREE upgrade to the new one when it is
available.  I had already made up my mind to switch
from MM508 to Animas, but now Im even more motivated!

Just thought Id let you all know.

Pittsburg Pumper
Low Carb Lifestyle

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