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[IP] Long hospital stay

You know how you can always refuse a medication while in the
hospital...Insulin is not one of them or at least the one I was in. When
the numbers started to really come down, I refused the NPH.

 You have every right to refuse any medication you deem questionable! I always
refuse to have an IV - I let them insert the site, but will not allow them to
hang a saline bag or to give me a bolus of ANYTHING! I don't care if it is
hospital procedure or not (the last thing I need is more fluid - especially in a
dialysis patient).

 The last time I was in the hospital (from SKA 3 years ago) after waking up, I
refused the 10 units of R the endo wanted to give me. I know my body better than
anyone, and 10 units of anything would have sent me crashing faster than I would
have been able to know! Anyway, I refused and there was nothing they could do
about it.

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