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Re: [IP] George-humor

>  George, your humor is priceless, you put a smile on my face, thanks! This
>reminded me of going to a nutrition seminar and being told that Type 
>1 diabetics
>can be cured by proper diet and herbs, etc. Of course I had to put 
>in my 2 cents
>worth and was totally ignored by the speaker. A Type 1 persona was sitting
>across from me and we just sat there and shook our heads. This is no different
>than telling an amputee that they can grow an new appendage.

Thank you, Billie.  If you like, I'll try to figure out a price for 
it!   ;>)     Actually, credit must be due to whoever came up with 
the line "if you tell me to take my pump off during surgery, why 
don't you make non-diabetics remove their pancreas?"   I can't quite 
remember who it was (Hillary Syndrome) but figure it was either Jan 
Hughey or Sara Smarty Pants!  If credit is due to someone else, my 
apologies!    :>)

>"Personally I want
>the person that sells this either tarred and feathered, or preferably
>have their pancreas removed and let them cure themselves.

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