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[IP] Re: backup plan for pump failure

 I had this very thing happen to me and was without a pump for 4 days. It would
have been wonderful to have a backup pump, but it wasn't absolutely necessary. I
took shots instead, just like in the old days. It wasn't fun, but it can be
done. At that time I only had regular insulin with me, so I was taking shots
every 4 hours around the clock. Since then, I have a prescription for NPH and
ultralente and instructions for dosing, just in case. Since I always meet my
out-of-pocket prescription limit of $500 before the end of the year and can get
prescriptions for the rest of the year with no copay, I just fill a new
prescription of one of the long-acting insulins each year, so I have some on
hand that is fresh, should I need it again. Yes, I would prefer having a backup
pump, but my point is that you can survive without one. It is a good idea to
talk to your doctor and come up with a backup plan - both a prescription for
long-acting insulin, and a dosage regimen. You never know !
 when your
  pump will die at an inconvenient time. Both times that mine died over the past
10 years, it was the start of a weekend, so I had to wait a few days for the new
one. Pam, dx'd 1989, pumping 10 years with Minimed.

<Then what would you do if it is say 9:00 PM on a New Year's eve night, 
we will also say is Friday, and your pump stops; you can't get it 
 again no matter what. So Saturday is New Year's Day, then the pump 
can't ship you a new one until at least Monday, if even then.  So you 
have to 
 do without a pump from Friday night until at least Tuesday and my 
guess is that
you would have to go longer.

Another assumption. You go out of the country on vacation; you drop the 
(it CAN happen) and it is damaged beyond repair.  You are thousands of 
away from home and your doctor with no backup.  What would you do?

You bet I think it's a big deal having a backup pump; it's not just 
nice; it 
IS necessary.>
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