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Re: [IP] quicksets and the cosmo: impossible?

> i got my pump!! im in the process of wearing (not hooked up). I was
> relieved to find i could stick in a camisole between my breasts and take a
> nap- I was worried it would bother me while sleeping. Anyway: question: In
> my box, I also got some infusion sets- called "essentials." However, I've
> only been trained on the quicksets, and at this point in my evolution as a
> pumper, id like to stick with them. When the (very nice) lady called me
> about training me, she said deltec only made these silhouette type
> sets, and I have to buy my stuff from them. I still like the cosmo, but im
> worried i can't buy the sets I like. Does anyone use the quickset with the
> Cosmo? If so, who do you order from?


I am on Medicare, and so I use Deltec's approved Medicare supplier Logimedix
(www.logimedix.com). I use Deltec Cozmo Cartridge  (only one that will fit
the Cozmo) and MM 23" QuickSet. No problem ordering them. Check with your
insurance as to what suppliers you can use. Also there are ads for a number
of supplier in the back pages of Diabetes Forecast.

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