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[IP] Long Hospital stay

Hi all

I am just getting home from a long (7 WEEKS) hospital stay. An infection
under the incision site from where my pancreas and spleen was removed
and celluloses on both legs. Many, Many blood cultures later and a at
one point 5 antibiotics dripping in...we have settled on two oral and on
IV drip that is only every 12 hours and easy to handle at home.

Talk about being insulin resistance.....Had my pump going on the
(Animas) full tilt of 9.9 units an hour around the clock with the U500
insulin....YES doing the math it is over 1100 units a day and then I was
also being covered by NPH and Humolog through IV every 2 hours. AS my
doctor put it I could have killed a horse every day with the amount of
insulin going in.

Good news is as soon as they found a combination of antibiotics my blood
sugars dropped rapidly....and we played the decrease the insulin game
and not have numbers reading in the 20's.

I'm finally home with an IV pole for another 4 weeks and my basal rate
is at only double what it is normally and we are still lowing it. 

One of the better stays I have had in the hospital but was on a floor
where the nurse know me too well...but it helped. 

You know how you can always refuse a medication while in the
hospital...Insulin is not one of them or at least the one I was in. When
the numbers started to really come down, I refused the NPH. The nurse
(agency nurse) called the resident who eventually came in the room and
said I had no choice about taking insulin or not. I said YES I
DID...promptly called my own doctor who I know was on call that night.
Told him what happened and he made some calls and I had nurses and a
resident saying they were sorry in minutes. From then on when any
problem came up the attending was called no matter what time it was.

Glad to be back and it will take some time to catch up on the almost
3000 emails from the last 7 weeks. Just glad to be home.
Gail Donohue
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