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[IP] Pump Failure Backup Plan

In case my pump fails, I keep a few vials of Lantus insulin in the frig.
Since it has an expiration date that is a year or more away, it isn't
hard to keep around.  I also have some Lilly disposable Humalog Pens.
My pump had to be replaced back in July and my doctor said that
converting my basal on the pump to Lantus was easy.  You just take the
total basal delivered and administer the same amount of Lantus once
daily.  Although this isn't perfect or as ideal as the pump, especially
because the Lantus wears off in about 22 hours in me, it is good enough
for a few days until I can receive a working pump.
I don't want to argue this since I understand that a backup pump has its
place.  However, MiniMed is the largest supplier of pumps in the U.S.
and they do not supply backup pumps.  FDA does not require this.  Were
it a necessity, I think that FDA would make it mandatory.  There was
life before pumps and there can be life without, at least for a few
Antonio in Los Angeles
Age 37, Type 1 for 10 years
On MiniMed Paradigm 511, upgrading soon to the 512
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