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Re: [IP] re: kidney


I'll stick with you on this.  Hopefully having someone at your side will

Probably your new endo will do all the lab work and you will know exactly
where you stand.  As they say,  "That's half the battle!"

Good for you doctor for reducing your Cozaar!  I had been on a lot of
diuretics and blood pressure medications.  It had been working for quite
some time and suddenly I was fainting all over the place!  I was dropping
like an average of three times a day for two weeks before I was admitted to
the hospital.  My Lasix and a few other meds were reduced and my kidney
numbers got better too.  I'm still not sure if I am just borrowing time by
having the good numbers right now or not though and will take that up with
my Nephrologist soon.

Getting the blood tests will help you get to the bottom of things.  If you
would like some web sites relating to kidney disease I'll be glad to pass it
along.  It might be best to get some numbers first.  Without that you might
be further concerned when you don't need to be.  But, I'll let you be the
judge of that.

Like I said, I'll be glad to stick with you on this.  I've felt pretty alone
with all my diabetic complications as they occurred.

I hope you are having a good Sunday.  The weather is great here and I will
go out and do something just to enjoy this fine day!


Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in
finishing an activity but in doing it.

Author Greg Anderson
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Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2003 3:17 AM
Subject: [IP] re: kidney

> Chris,
> Thank you for your support.  I do not know any of my protein or blood
> I just switched to this endo who I really like a lot.  I have never done a
> hour urine with him before- I just started seeing him a few months ago.  I
> on a higher dosage of cozaar, but I was getting really faint when I stood
> so he lowered the doseage.
> I called his exchange today and my endos partner called back and had no
> about me or my history, so he said to call monday.  I just want to get to
> bottom of this, I am really scared.
> Thanks again for your support,
> Ashley
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