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RE: [IP] Re: lows at night

 I have had Big D since 1969. I wake up sometimes with BS of 22. My mistake is
taking too much insulin which results in the low BS. If I cannot sleep I get up
and measure my BS and is usually low. I must work on not having too much insulin
sometimes too much fat at dinner.

Denise Owens <email @ redacted> wrote:

Noah is 17 and still doesn't wake up with lows. Did your 
endo say how he came to that conclusion? I'd love to know 
that there has been research on this and that has been the 
findings, although it isn't true for Noah yet. Most of 
his lows I've caught through testing once or twice during 
the night. When missed, his liver has dumped the hormone 
to protect him from passing out or worse! I've read that 
that safe-guard mechanism wears out after several years. 
Noah goes off to college next year and it scares me to 
think about it! What do you do with a diabetic whose lows 
don't wake him/her during the night? Brings to mind the 
book "I'll Love You Forever." Each night the mother 
rocks and signs to her son right through adulthood. 
There's a pic of her climbing in his bedroom window 
during the night to pick him up, rock and sing to him. 
That'll be me, only I'll be testing his blood sugars 

Cindy, mom to 17 y/o Noah


What do you mean that the safe guard wears out? I've not heard of this. Please

Mom to Haley, age 8

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