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Re: [IP] Other pump experiences?

My pump did stop on a New Year's eve; I just connected the second one right 
then and there and did not have to be concerned.   I had been off long-term 
 insulin for some time and I do not keep any. It would just sit there and go
 Do the rest of you who don't have an extra pump keep long-term insulin?  I 
wouldn't even know how much or how often to take it if I had to go back to it 

Disetronics also has top notch customer service; I couldn't ask for any 
 better. I could give examples of when I felt they went above and beyond the
of duty but space doesn't permit it here.  Obviously if being waterproof is 
something a person needs, then another brand would be better; however I think 
this is something that all pump companies will work on as time goes along.

Regarding traveling, my company has people who are required to travel 
extensively all over the world.  The nature of our business sometimes requires 
 certain people to travel without notice when a call comes in. One such person
is a
diabetic with a Disetronics pump (not myself); I think he would have a serious 
problem if he did not have a backup pump.

All things considered I feel it gives me much more security.  My body would 
like not do very well if I had to go back to injections for even a few days; I 
can see it being a real dilemma.
So I have a wonderful product, a backup pump, excellent customer service; the 
only thing I am missing is the waterproofness which is not a problem for me.  
 That's why I have chosen not to go to another brand even though Disetronics 
cannot sell new pumps in the U.S. right now; I'm sure that parent Roche will 
be able to work out the FDA's concerns.

In a message dated 11/2/03 12:06:54 AM Central Standard Time, email @ redacted 
On Saturday, November 1, 2003, at 09:13 PM, email @ redacted wrote:
If Jenny's pump stopped on a weekend,  she would probably go back to 
shots for three days. Animas would ship one overnight delivery (by 
Tuesday). In all likelihood, the Animas rep would have one to loan for 
the three days. When we travel, we get a loaner from Animas and send it 
back when we no longer need it. I think most pump companies do this. We 
have never needed the loaner and we have done this numerous times.

I would not give up Animas's customer service or waterproofness just to 
have a second pump all the time.

> Then what would you do if it is say 9:00 PM on a New Year's eve night, 
> which
> we will also say is Friday, and your pump stops; you can't get it 
> started
>  again no matter what.  What would you do?
> You bet I think it's a big deal having a backup pump; it's not just 
> nice; it
> IS necessary.
> Sybil
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