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RE: [IP] Other pump experiences?

Animas will give you a backup pump for vacations, etc.  You can also
usually get one from your rep if you the pump is damaged or out of
commission (ours said he would courier one down to us if it was a

Mom to Meghan, 7 (dx 9/28/02, Animas 10/08/03) 
Nicholas, 10 (science fanatic and GameCube addict)
Married to Don for over 11 great years
Living in Melbourne, FL

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Then what would you do if it is say 9:00 PM on a New Year's eve night,
we will also say is Friday, and your pump stops; you can't get it
 again no matter what. So Saturday is New Year's Day, then the pump
can't ship you a new one until at least Monday, if even then.  So you
have to 
 do without a pump from Friday night until at least Tuesday and my guess
is that
you would have to go longer.

Another assumption. You go out of the country on vacation; you drop the
(it CAN happen) and it is damaged beyond repair.  You are thousands of
away from home and your doctor with no backup.  What would you do?

You bet I think it's a big deal having a backup pump; it's not just
nice; it 
IS necessary.


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However, I see
having 2 pumps almost like having 2 cars:  Nice but unnecessary
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