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Re: [IP] Chris, Your response to Brent

Thank you Kathleen!  Having had dogs and/or cats since I was in the second
grade has made me an animal lover to the hilt.  Right now, I have a
Beagle/Poodle and a Suburban Husky (he sleeps on the couch)  I doubt if
there is anything I wouldn't do for these two including buying a pump is
that's what was needed.

Your letter brought tears to my eyes and it's been quite some time since I
had a nice "Happy Cry".   The world needs them a lot more!


Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in
finishing an activity but in doing it.

Author Greg Anderson
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Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2003 12:34 AM
Subject: [IP] Chris, Your response to Brent

> Dear Chris,
>     I want to commend you for your response to Brent!
>     Thank you for the time you took in writing your response. People who
> negative attitudes about what to spend or not on their pets, obviously
> have pets!
>     I have a poodle that I bred to give a pup to my severely disabled son.
> These are registered dogs and I COULD HAVE made quite a bit from this
> adventure but I didn't. As I prayed, the first pup born was all black like
> son's caretakers wanted (he's almost 30). The last pup was born multi
> and normal size like the first. I was shocked at the size of the middle
> born at only 2 ounces and maybe 2 inches long. I gave her itty bitty CPR
> several times and kept her incubated in my cleavage which was the BEST
> she could be, wrapped in a 3x3 tiny fleece blanket. "Little Bit" had good
> instincts to nurse but didn't have the strength to get the milk she
needed, so
> I tube fed her for a month. EVERY 2-3 hours I fed this itty bitty baby. It
> always seemed like I would just finish up and get everyone settled (Mama
> the puppies around me to sleep !) and then it was time to tube feed Little
> again! I got so worn down that I developed bronchial pneumonia. I was so
> exhausted and it took weeks to get better. Having t1 Diabetes made things
> super challenging. However, I've had diabetes for almost 40 years. This is
> life and I wouldn't want to stop living just because it's difficult!
>     I had to have several trips to the vet to care for the pups so, with
> special formula and vet bills, I had spent a huge amount. I had to
> payments, etc., so I could take care of these pups, especially Little Bit!
> Doing this on a disability income was really challenging, to say the
> ALL IN ALL: Would I do it all again?  Ahhhhhhh, IN A HEART BEAT! More than
> anything, having the chance to give something this big to my son is an
> opportunity I wouldn't have missed. Having those puppies was SUCH a
> experience and all three puppies have homes where they are truly a
> and so adored !
>     My son has learned how to throw the ball for his dog! AND she brings
> right back. THAT's a mini miracle in of itself! IT's huge! It's been such
> awesome thing. This is the biggest thing I've ever been able to give my
> My neighbor who had never been married and has no children, fell so in
> with the third puppy that I knew I couldn't find a better home AND she
> her just like ~her precious child!!! They were destined to be together.
> Certainly, my Little Bit is still with me! She's now two years old, is two
> pounds and an absolute delight! She's a very small teacup poodle and SUCH
> sweetie!
>     So, you see when I read your response, I was tickled! Now that my
> are grown and raising their own children my dogs ARE my kids! BRAVO!
> Blessings, Kathleen
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