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[IP] re: kidney

Thank you for your support.  I do not know any of my protein or blood levels.
I just switched to this endo who I really like a lot.  I have never done a 24
hour urine with him before- I just started seeing him a few months ago.  I was
on a higher dosage of cozaar, but I was getting really faint when I stood up,
so he lowered the doseage.
I called his exchange today and my endos partner called back and had no idea
about me or my history, so he said to call monday.  I just want to get to the
bottom of this, I am really scared.
Thanks again for your support,

Chris wrote:
Hi Ashley,

I am going through the same thing as you.  I regularly spill protein and my
urine-protein results are on the high side.  Do you know your BUN  and
Creatanine levels?  Sometimes the numbers can  be reassuring.  My Creatanine
levels recently have been at 1.3, down from 3.3.  Part of that is a
reduction in my diuretics.  I now  take 160 Mg or Lasix instead of 320 Mg.
For me, it is a strange balancing act of working between heart failure and
orthostasis      (A condition where I faint when I stand up).

I also have periods where I am just plain exhausted.  One of my doctors has
found that I am slightly anemic and that I have hypothyroidism.  I am now
taking thyroid medication for that.

I used to be told (and still am on occasion) that I'm too young to have all
the stuff I have.  Since you are half my age, I can say with some certainly
that you are way too young for this stuff too.  My advice would be to see
the Endo and plod ahead.  That's all we can do.  In other words, don't look
back, but think about tomorrow.

If it's any consolation what-so-ever, kidney failure even in its advanced
stages or End Stage Renal Failure is treatable.

I shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  This is a good place to get
support from!


Ashley Bleiweiss
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