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[IP] backup pumps WAS: Other pump experiences?

i am afraid that as organizationally challenged as i am, i would not be able
to find it, in such an extreme emergency LOL

on the other hand, everyone on a pump needs to have a backup plan fo rwhen
they are off of a pump , whether it is a medical reaosn, malfunciton,

who hopes the emergency plan never needs to be used, like buying car
insurance right?   have the extra pump or buy insurance and hope and pray
you never,ever need to use it!!
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> >
> Another assumption. You go out of the country on vacation; you drop the
> (it CAN happen) and it is damaged beyond repair.  You are thousands of
> away from home and your doctor with no backup.  What would you do?
> You bet I think it's a big deal having a backup pump; it's not just nice;
> IS necessary.
> Sybil
> In a message dated 11/1/03 9:31:14 PM Central Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> However, I see
> having 2 pumps almost like having 2 cars:  Nice but unnecessary
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