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Has anyone in the group had experience with weight gain when using insulin
to treat diabetes. I am a type 2 now using the Minimed 512 pump. I stated
insulin 6 months ago and had a terrible time and weight gain with Lantus and
novolog MDI. I really need to loose weight and have cut my food intake
drastically with the pump but have not lost any weight. In fact, as I got my
numbers to where they should be I gained more. I am going on a modified
Atkins program as was wondering if anyone in the group has any experience
with this. I have heard from one person and he has been a great help . I
would love to hear from anyone who has had any success on loosing weight
while on the pump. I could really use some success stories. From what I am
reading , gaining weight as a type 2 while on insulin is a fact of life.

I am think maybe trying Glucophage again although I have had terrible side
effects with it.  No need to give details , lets just say there were not
enough bathrooms while I was traveling to  help me get through  the day. I
was told this should go away but after 6 months , it did not.

I entertain with my job and probably drink too much wine( a passion and
hobby of mine) I know that is not good.
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