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Re: [IP] lows at night & being a kid with diabetes

I was a kid with diabetes also; in 1957 at the age of 9, when DX I was put in 
the hospital for 6 weeks!  What an experience for a kid!   Don't know what my 
BG was, but both my mom and I had daily instructions and education for the 
 entire time I was in the hospital. There was no such thing as home bg meters; I
had to put "X" drops of urine and "Y" drops of water into a test tube, then 
drop a test tablet into the mixture which boiled, then turned colors.  My mom 
did not do this, I did it.  She would boil my glass syringes, but I don't 
 remember her ever giving me an injection after we went home from the hospital.
when I grew into a teenager, I also took over the duty of boiling my 
 syringes. She kept a close eye on me, but I also do not recall her ever waking
 during the night. There were times when I would wake up shaking, but I knew
to do, so no one else had to get up.  I was taught at the age of 9 that I had 
to do things to take care of myself and my disease; I could do it better than 
anyone else!

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